Structural reinforcements for prefabricated sheds

puzzle_engineeringThe many years of experience in the manufacturing industry sector led us to the creation of a structural reinforcement system for prefabricated sheds for improving the statics of buildings.

Countless operations to secure structures already completed on sheds built in the areas struck by the earthquake in Emilia led us to put prevention activities into practice and propose the “SYSTHEMA LEONARDO” as a solution for rendering prefabricated concrete buildings safe.

systhema_leonardoThe Systhema Leonardo is innovative and versatile compared to the reinforcement systems used to date. Its application is not very invasive as it was designed, customized and targeted to specific areas of the building without altering its actual state.

Considering the categories of seismic criticality that involve Italian territory we realize how appropriate it is both to safeguard people and the assets that constitute the wealth of our companies.

SYSTHEMA LEONARDO is a trademark.

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  • Complete transfer of a textile factory measuring about 45000 sq.m from Schio (Italy) to Caunas (Lithuania);
  • Construction of a complete 130,000 V substation in the Bolzano province (Italy);
  • Completion of the enlargement of a purifier;


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