Transportable photovoltaic station

IEIS IMPIANTI is pleased to present the world preview of a NEW opportunity for generating power in a fast and simple manner without the use of a fixed electricity grid.

Our Company has been a leading player in the photovoltaic plant sector for several years with the construction of electricity and power systems of various sizes in Italy and abroad.

Therefore, when designing these plants, we studied and created a PORTABLE and SELF-INSTALLING unit.

The need for electrical power for supplying equipment and creating "Life" as a consequence (within any need for constant human support) led us to design an incredible photovoltaic solution by exploiting typical Italian creativity.

In many cases we can observe that the main source of electrical power where there is no fixed grid is the fuelled generator: this obliges people to run the engine carefully:

  • continuous maintenance (spares that cannot always be found quickly);
  • the search for fuel;
  • logistics and transport of fuel cans (often very difficult);
  • continuous problems if the generator stops;
  • limitations in the hour bands for distributing power;
  • etc.

This is all solved in a simple, effective and efficient manner with the STAND ALONE station.


The photovoltaic plant will be transported in a 40' container which can be delivered easily anywhere by truck, ship or plane.

There is no need to prepare the ground for the container: however it is important for the ground to be sufficiently compacted in order to be able to position the base and associated side supports for the wing opening of the panels.

What happens is that the side walls of the container are removed and a mechanical system (an engineered and tested solution) will open two large wings on which the photovoltaic panels will be positioned to guarantee a maximum of 18,000 Wp.

There will be a minimum of two or more rooms inside the container: one is required for housing the entire electrical part (boards, inverters, storage batteries, transformers and control systems) while the remaining space can be used on the basis of the customer's needs.

The total surface to use will be the size of the container plus the large surfaces of the panels which create a shaded area.

There are many possible uses:

  • stations for medical use;
  • pumping stations;
  • stations for community use;
  • catering stations;
  • etc.


The photovoltaic plant in the 40' container will be provided with all the manuals necessary for its installation; however preventive consultancy from the I.E.I.S. staff will be guaranteed: (structural engineer, electrical engineer and specialized electricians for assembly).

The entire electrical apparatus will be delivered in the prewired container; the plant will be thoroughly tested and started up at our works before shipping. This operation will ensure that there will be no malfunctions and relieve the customer from needs for particular electrical skills.


  • Complete transfer of a textile factory measuring about 45000 sq.m from Schio (Italy) to Caunas (Lithuania);
  • Construction of a complete 130,000 V substation in the Bolzano province (Italy);
  • Completion of the enlargement of a purifier;


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