Pumping stations

We are pleased to provide advance notice of a very new island-type pumping station project. Our experience in the clean energy sector has allowed us to study and build autonomous plants for managing small energy needs in a simple and independent manner. stazione-pompaggio

Simple because they do not require any maintenance for running the pumping station as a module has been created without any elements that could wear with time: (e.g. storage batteries).

Independent because the “ NEW WATER PUMP ” project derives from the Standalone plant, which allows us to create small solar islands where there is no power grid.

The new station constitutes an important opportunity for distributing millions of small pumping plants for extracting water; it is sufficient to think how many wells there are on the planet that are underused as they are not very functional. Unfortunately there is a great deal of evidence of people who cannot benefit from water because of pump defects or breakdowns or, worse still, who do not have the information-means to create a well to extract water. stazione-pompaggio2

Today, IEIS IMPIANTI has created the extremely reliable, self-installing and transportable “ NEW WATER PUMP “ pumping station.

Reliable because we have obtained a result after a long period of testing, exploiting our experience in the construction of photovoltaic plants and our knowledge of the intake of motors and submerged pumps.

Self-installing as the system can be put into service simply by following the instructions in the provided installation booklet. Therefore those who install the stations do not need any particular plumbing and electrical skills.

Transportable as the system will have very modest dimensions, appropriately packed for medium or long journeys.

The “ NEW WATER PUMP “ system will have a height of suction of up to about 100-150 metres with the extraction of 1600 litres per day.

The engineering study is in the Italian tradition, using maximum quality materials specifically in order to guarantee EFFICIENCY and LONG LIFE.


The system is composed of :

  • a self-bearing steel structure for supporting the photovoltaic panels
  • two 240 Wp photovoltaic polycrystalline panels
  • motor-submersible pump
  • electronics-inverters
  • switch (push)
  • water extraction station distributor
  • installation manual


  • Complete transfer of a textile factory measuring about 45000 sq.m from Schio (Italy) to Caunas (Lithuania);
  • Construction of a complete 130,000 V substation in the Bolzano province (Italy);
  • Completion of the enlargement of a purifier;


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